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Keywords: robot, Web Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, Natural Language Processing , intelligent chatbot, Visual Processing, Kansei Engineering, neural networks, fuzzy system, evolutionary computation.


We, Hagiwara laboratory (Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, Japan), are trying to build an artificial brain capable of truly interact with human beings. By full interaction, we mean that this artificial brain should be able to see (understand images), talk (understand and generate text), and somehow feel (detect and predict the speaker’s emotions).
To do so, harvesting useful knowledge and data is crucial, as a prerequisite of ML methodology. But it is no easy task. We are using state-of-the-art resources and Information Retrieval algorithms to extract common sense, new knowledge or to train and evaluate data.
The first Von Neumann-architecture computers are more than 60 years old. These past decades have seen a on-going tremendous improvement both in computation speed and memory storage. In fact, we have reached a milestone: there are about as many transistors on a chip as neurons in a human brain.
We have entered a new era, in which such intelligent systems are within our reach, possibly leading to life-changing outcomes.


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